Welcome to a colorful set of new opportunities for you!

After the "E5P Deck", our contribution to the ESP Decks for Mystery Performers, we proudly present the "E5P Color Deck"

As you might imagine, this is a full deck of ESP cards (and more!), featuring 5 basic colors.

Keeping all the characteristics of the original "E5P Deck"

1.The only Marked ESP Cards in the market that offer TWO types of marking!
2. One Way Back
3. As you can see in the pictures, we add 5 "triangle" symbol as substitution for the wavy lines if you want.
4. Extra gimmicks (double back and double faces)
5. Bridge size, thin high quality laminated cards, which you can easily clean.

In the complementary eBook you will learn several routines from my eBook/Book E5P and new unpublished routines

1. Open Prediction 5 ESP: Predict the random order of the 5 ESP symbols in an open manner.  

2. Colored E5PMancy: A Minimalistic reading approach using your 5 ESP Color Cards. 

3. Psychic Elimination: One participant decides FREELY for any ESP Symbol. Other, while in a intuitive trance, draws one of the ESP Symbol, a synchronicity is created.

4. E5P Deck Routine: A highly practical routine using the E5P Deck, which works perfect for walkaround performances.

5. E5P No Chair Test: Just 5 ESP Cards are needed to create a fantastic stand up piece in which you will reveal thoughts with precise accuracy. 

6. Extra Ideas with your new E5P Color Deck

With your order you will receive:
1. E5P Color Deck
2. Complementary eBook

• • •